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BlueSkyRisk is an insurance industry specialist, participating in both distribution and underwriting aspects of the commercial insurance industry.  The company’s primary commitment is to match industry specialization and superior underwriting analysis with customized distribution strategies for various growth sectors of the US and Global economies.  We specialize in acquiring and developing insurance underwriting facilities for both the property / casualty and accident / health markets.

Superior Underwriting

We are an underwriting company – underwriting is embedded in our culture.

Industry Specialization

We choose to operate in niches with sufficiently complex risks requiring true underwriting expertise.

Superb Distribution

We focus on distribution and understand how to effectively develop and implement specific strategies for each individual offering.

Blueskyrisk Core Cultural Beliefs

  • We will always focus on what really matters; the basics:
    • Great service
    • Ease of use
    • Honesty and respect for our customer’s time, money and trust.
  • A shared vision and strategy that helps sustain and direct growth while limiting distraction by providing a clear line of sight for all employees.
  • Full transparency on EVERYTHING.
  • Discipline around expectations, accountability and authority all leading to a high achieving organization.
  • Partner with a select number of carriers in a very broad and open fashion with the goal of becoming the #1 MGA partner for their overall program portfolio.

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