Cyber Risk Underwriters

Cyber Risk Underwriters is a wholesaler that specializes in the cyber insurance industry.

Cyber crime is not just a technology problem. Its a management problem, a workforce problem, and a customer problem…..and possibly the leading threat to the survival of your client’s enterprise.

We combined highly successful P&C producers and globally recognized “ethical” hackers to offer our channel partners best-in-class products and sales support.

We provide cyber insurance solutions to retail insurance agents, information security providers, and CISO’s. Our razor sharp focus allows us to provide broking results for complex products with speed, simplicity and great attention to the finer points of coverage design and pricing. These products are more complicated than other P&C policies and evolving at a rapid pace. Cyber Security Insurance, Technology E&O, Cyber Security Guarantees/Warranties, and other products require specialized brokers to craft the appropriate coverage.

“Consider the Odds”

Your clients face a 3% chance of a fire loss. This compares to over a 50% chance your clients will experience a cyber related incident.

“Don’t Risk A Lot For a Little”

Why put your reputation at risk as a result of a clients uninsured loss?   Agents tell us long complicated applications discourage submissions.  Our applications are short form and  forgo the technical jargon required by many markets.

“Don’t Risk More Than You Can Afford to Lose”

Why risk losing clients to your competition simply because time wasn’t taken to assist your clients evaluate and treat exposures to cyber extortion, business interruption, regulatory fines & penalties, and lawsuits?

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Cyber Risk Underwriters Offers:

Cyber Security Insurance

Insurance and service program intended to protect consumers of technology products and services. Businesses in every industry face loss due to a system or data security breach. Industries most vulnerable include hospitality, finance & banking, healthcare, retail, and manufacturing.

Technology Errors & Omissions Insurance

This coverage is designed for providers of technology products and services. Examples include cyber security vendors, data storage companies, computer manufacturers and software designers.

Cyber Security Provider Warranties & Related Specialty Products

The cyber security is an $80 billion dollar business where all sales are final.  Imagine if a customer had endpoint security, firewalls, email security and web security, all backed by a guarantee. We work with a variety of information security providers to support performance guarantees to help them differentiate their products based on performance quality as opposed fancy marketing propaganda.

CISO Secured Cyber Insurance™

CISO’s must take an active role in buying cyber insurance or risk premium overpayment, coverage gaps, expensive disconnects in breach response, and insufficient claims payment. CISO Secured Cyber Insurance™ is offered exclusively to qualified CISO’s. We work with you to make sure coverage dovetails with your existing security framework. Benefits include premium discounts, coverage enhancements and 24/7 event response services to help you identify, contain, resolve and recover from lost business operations and reputational damage…. on your terms.

Cyber Risk Underwriters is a division of Praxis Insurance Associates. Check out Cyber Risk Underwriters today.